Our Firm

About Us

We are supporting our clients since 1987 with the same devotion and excitement as we had on the first day.
We provide legal services in transaction-based projects and dispute resolution. We combine our expertise and experience with our innovative and dynamic approach in assisting our clients through various sophisticated and complex matters. The unsullied track-record of our firm relies on our in-depth understanding of the industries our clients are operating in. We always focus our clients’ business objectives and commercial interests to develop the best creative solution, legally and practically.

37 Years of Esteemed History
Our firm was founded in 1987 by the late Mr. Ahmet Vedat Kavasoğlu and Ms. Muhsine Tülin Kavasoğlu. In the decades since, our firm have provided boutique and high-end legal services to international and domestic clients and earned a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to idealist, consistent and excellent lawyering in its practice. Today we maintain the same standard of boutique and upscale services covering all of Turkey through our offices located in Istanbul and Bursa.

Knowledge, Experience, Innovation
Our firm’s culture is built on “knowledge”, “experience” and “innovation”. Our in-depth knowledge and industrial awareness allow us to fully understand the problems and needs of our clients. 37 years of institutional experience gives us the ability to detect the legal risks and develop the most suitable solution in addressing our clients’ problems and needs. Thanks to our innovative approach, we closely monitor new developments in both legal and business environment in our areas of expertise, which enables us to come up with a creative advice in unprecedented and complex matters.

We take pride in having business insight and awareness in our areas of expertise. Our industry savvy lawyers go beyond the standard of traditional legal advice through the sector knowledge accumulated in various disputes and deals over three decades. We keep ourselves updated in our areas of expertise by closely following the business and the industry.

We are committed to provide the best suited advice to clients. We believe in the value of theoretical legal knowledge, but our goal is always to develop the sound legal advice that can be implemented to the situation and to deliver practical solution addressing the clients’ needs.

Knowledge Management and Privacy
We put utmost effort and resources into protecting, managing, and keeping confidential our clients’ data and our firm’s institutional memory by using the correct hardware and software. We use the latest technologies to become more and more efficient in our work. We remain fully adapted to the “new normal” by all technical means.